Over the years I’ve lived, I noticed that many of my friends and loved ones had spine problems

What it does

Our hack is designed to help people with posture issues.It serves basically as a data logger,back brace, and a posture corrector.It is designed to help people of all ages. With the data gathered from the app we made, Doctors can use this to help and analysis diagnose spine-related problems

How we built it

This project is a 3d printed object that would go along the spine.This 3d printed object consists of pads and drag chains.The drag chains would contain all the wiring and flex sensors (maybe a) led strip of we could.The main purpose of the project is to help a person correct posture through the use of flex sensors and vibration motors. A good example of this is when the user bends his back too much forward, the flex sensor would detect it. Then a vibration motor would go off letting the user the know “Hey correct your posture at this spot”. We used two arduinos one is for the sensors/motors, and another one connects to the computer for data gathering to the web app..

Challenges we ran into

Find the exact positions on the spine that causes the pain

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Bring pillows to hackathon

What's next for Kyphs

  1. make it more customized as different sizes, back pain level,and ..ect
  2. Make the equipment more portable (lighter/smaller), easier to wear on
  3. Cheapen the cost
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