We wanted to push the limits of digital media. Given the accessibility and flexibility of web technology, we thought it'd be a great story telling medium; especially considering other great interactive stories like "The Boat" and the work done by the NYU-ITP program. Additionally, the aesthetics of the story was inspired by the retro 8-bit style games. Not only would the stylistic constraint be a new challenge for our designer, but it would also add some more points of interest to our project.

What it does

We follow Kyp's journey from getting stranded on earth, to reuniting with his family.

How we built it

Node.js, React.js. Adobe Illustrator and Sketch was used for creating the various character and background assets and laying out the basic prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with an idea for our interactive story was our biggest initial challenge. We weren't entirely sure of which direction/tone we wanted our final project to have. By discussing the various story options we had, our team was able to reach a consensus. Later on, we found that designing all the needed assets took much longer than anticipated. We under estimated how much assets a "complete" interactive story would need.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the smoothness of the story and transitions. Additionally, the assets reflected our retro 8-bit successfully.

What we learned

React game design, transitions, narrative design.

What's next for Kyp's Journey Home

A sequel.

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