The country is profoundly divided. Opinions abound, but communication is scarce. Most of us live in echo chambers that only draw a wider divide in the nation. We want to allow people learn about each other progressively, while providing a space for absolutely everybody to be free to express their dissatisfaction as they wish. For that reason we created an Android App.

What it does

This app connects people from a college campus community for a platform for which individuals post their opinion in medium length writing.

-Limit Users: The app goes against the general trends in offering many feature to the users. Users' posts were meant to be restricted to twice per month and they could only reply to two comments per each peer post that they would be reviewing. The app was also meant to notify the user when they had reached 3 articles read per week. The reason for this setup was to force users to reflect upon their words and the words of others. Debates are countless and have seldom solved issues. We believe that progressive understanding will.

-Allow people to be free: We wanted to create a platform that carried on the objective of Twitter in allowing people to express themselves as they wish. While many believe that is is not possible, we are confident that with well executed technology we could do it. Free speech is something we do not want to compromise on, except when it goes against the law.

-Protect Users: While we believe in free speech, we believe also in protecting users. It is imperative that users feel safe and are capable of having a conversation meaningful conversation. Our application puts in place that allows everybody to have a voice, while protecting those who are not comfortable with some conversation to not have them.

Users are matched with people who have opposite points of view on various subjects. They can only post a certain number of times and at the same they can only comment on posts once. The application's objective was two fold:

How we built it

The application was meant to rely heavily on natural language processing. The UX design was handled using Figma and the core application was put together with the Android Studio. We could not finish the application.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult getting the natural language processing APIs we found to work and they often were inaccurate to the point of being unreliable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned a lot and we got to refine our idea. We are confident that it is possible.

What we learned

Google Cloud NLP, Python NLTK module, Watson NLP, AWS Cognito, Facebook API.

What's next for kyp

We hope to finish the project and possibly make it into an profitable app.

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