The Virtual 12th Man

The Spirit of Aggieland is best encapsulated by the 12th man. Fall Saturdays in College Station typically boast over 100,000 Aggies pouring into Kyle Field to wave towels and saw varsity’s horns off. Unfortunately, football in 2020 is going to look different. Aggieland’s majestic stadium will not be filled to the brim with maroon and white. Due to unprecedented circumstances, the student body in its entirety will not be able to attend A&M football games at Kyle Field. In order to create a sense of unity and pride, we have created the Virtual 12th Man. The purpose of this program is to bring people together during these times that we are apart. By participating in the Virtual 12th Man, students will feel connected to one another from the safety of their own homes while ensuring A&M’s feeling of community we have all grown to love. Although the 12th man may not be physically present, it’s our Fightin’ Texas Aggie Spirit that makes Aggies special and why we will continue to find reasons to hope and to spread positivity.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we tasked ourselves to come up with a way to maintain the spirit of the 12th man, keeping health and safety as our priority. We know that getting everybody into Kyle Field is not an option, so we wanted to make everybody still feel like a part of the game. We discovered the best way to do this was to create a game within the game. While we socially distance to keep ourselves and each other safe, everyone can play along in real time. The objective of the game is to predict what will happen during A&M’s football game. The more accurate your prediction, the more points you earn. Potential prizes such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, and more could be made available to the game’s highest scorers. We believe this is a fun, safe, and easy way for Aggies to stay healthy and still enjoy the spirit of the 12th man during football games. The Virtual 12th Man allows us to actively participate with Aggie Football while keeping safety as our top priority.


Throughout our efforts, we exposed ourselves to many new facets of Java such as working with a GUI. The majority of the challenges we faced were due to class implementation. We worked through several bugs caused by logic issues, such as making it so that the gamemaster interacts act with the user quiz, which also interacts with the gamemaster.

Problem Solving

We divided our efforts into 3 teams focussed on coding the scoring, creating the interfaces, and implementing it together into one cohesive project.

Built With

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