I was thinking on how I could improve or make the exchange experience faster for the end user, at the same time multiple projects have been experimenting with Ens addresses as an easy way to preform an operation. This seemed like a good use case as users could easily preform simple Ether -> Erc20 tokens swap without leaving their wallets, which is convenient for advanced users but also a easy way for beginners to try Kyber out.

What it does

You send Ether to an address and it gives you back tokens!

How I built it

Creating a custom KyberQuick contract for each of the token addresses and adding a method to the fallback function in the contract so when you send Ether to it uses KyberNetwork to convert the token and send it back to the msg.sender. There are also 2 admin functions if ether or an tokens gets stuck or sent on accident so we can retrieve it.

Check out just how easy it is:

You can easily try the app out by sending Ether to any of the following addresses:

dai.kyberquick.eth - Converts Eth to DAI

mkr.kyberquick.eth - Converts Eth to MKR

knc.kyberquick.eth - Converts Eth to KNC

usdc.kyberquick.eth - Converts Eth to USDC

bat.kyberquick.eth - Converts Eth to BAT


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually finishing a side project!

What I learned

How easy it is to set up ENS subdomains and reminded me how awesome is to integrate swapping directly into a contract with Kyber.

What's next for KyberQuick

Add more tokens!!!

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