Band Students Inspired by lack of applications made out there that help people read,write, and compose music

What it does

This application reads audio files and returns the hertz frequency the pitch, the note itself, and which octave it's in when it's Concert Pitch.

How I built it

Built With C# and Microsoft Visual Studio coded from the ground up

Challenges I ran into

We had no knowledge of working with audio files before so we had to learn what a wav. file was and how to convert it and work with it mathematically with code. We spent around 40% of the time doing research. Our biggest challege after creating a wav file generator to read the input, was finding out just how to calculate both the Hertz and the Amplitude. This was particularly challenging because neither the hertz nor the amplitude were known and there was no pre-made method for extracting them from the data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Hard coded everything from scratch

With a considerable amount of calculus and research we were able to find an expliot that calculated the hertz frequency of a .wav file within 6 hertz and from there discover the amplitude and thus volume of the file

What I learned

With no previous knowledge of working with audio files we learned what exactly a .wav file is how it is formatted and how computers store and transport sound data. .wav files formatted with a HeaderChunk,FormatChunk, and DataChunk

What's next for KwikSkor

Create a way for the program to read live audio Increase the accuracy of the reader Be able to read live music in many complicated songs that contain more than one instrument and produce a score for each individual instrument GUI for visualization of Notes

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