KwikPik is an application built to help companies and individuals leverage their Salesforce data to effectively follow, connect with, and market to individuals and customers through Instagram.

Upon login users are immediately logged in to their Instagram, Salesforce, & Foursquare accounts via secure OAuth2 authentication.

On the KwikPik home page users can easily browse media from their familiar Instagram feed, which displays both images and videos. Clicking on a feed item displays the individual media blown up for better viewing and here is where we start getting social! You can provide feedback to an author by liking his/her photo/video to show you're actively taking an interest in their lives even when they're not standing at your cash register.

But what if they've posted something your co-workers might be interested in? Post it to Chatter, one of the best ways to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers! You'll be asked for a short note to be used in the post and then the post will automatically be added to your org's #Instagram Chatter Topic (and if this is your first post it will be created automatically) and a link to the media will be included so your colleague's can join in the fun.

Can't get enough from this Instagrammer? Click 'More from this User' and you'll be taken to his/her individual page in KwikPik where you can see their full name and other profile information along with their recent media posts. If you really like this user's Instagrams then maybe you should hit "Follow" so their media will show up in your KwikPik home feed.

Hold on, I went to Tom's media page in KwikPik and saw this cool picture he took at our store. Then I noticed in the comments below that Susie said "She loves that place!" I don't think we have Susie in our Salesforce system. No big deal, click on her comment to see Susie's media page and then you can click 'Sync with Salesforce.' Her profile information will be used to create an account, contact, or lead record; whichever you'd prefer. Also, if you were wrong and Susie WAS already in Salesforce her record will just be updated--let's not dirty up our org with any duplicate records.

Well that's pretty cool, but Tom is a regular and you probably would've been introduced to Susie eventually through him anyways. Maybe you'd be interested in leveraging more powerful search options by clicking the magnifying glass. If you're hoping to blitzkrieg through some record updating in Salesforce then use the top section to view account, contact, lead, or user record information On the record detail page you'll be able to click to view the record's Instagram feed; or if you don't have their username stored yet then the same button will instead offer to search for them on Instagram.

Phew, that was a lot of data cleansing-maybe time for a little break? Click on the Instagram section where you can view media based on what's currently popular on Instagram or based on media hashtags. I know you're on a break, but maybe you could lookup your company's hashtag to see if there were any new posts today. Could be a good way to generate some leads for tomorrow...

You could choose to just browse content from Instagrammers you're currently following, or if you'd like you can search around the Instagram universe for that contact you made at Dreamforce; it would be good to connect with him.

Sometimes it's all about location. Instead of poking around and viewing media from folks on the other side of the planet, maybe you'd be more interested in generating some new, local accounts. Click Nearby in the location section to view media in your general vicinity-or search by an address you enter yourself; it's never too early to start generating leads in that town where you plan to open a new store next year.

Maybe you should consider creating a location for your business on Foursquare; in fact, there's a good chance customers have already done it for you and you just need to start managing it. Click on Venues where you can create new locations, view your managed venues, search for ones near you/a given address, or see what's trending or recommended based on location. Once you've created a new location you'll have another Instagram feed you can view by clicking 'View Instagram Feed' from within the venue detail page; here you can see all the content relevant to your store. Don't think folks are checking-in and posting to your location? Guess again; I created a location for the Developer Zone at Dreamforce just a few days ago and there have already been over 80 check-ins and tons of liked photos.

No doubt about it, it's time to get social. What's that, you're more of an introvert? You don't have time to be actively managing all this social media nonsense? Don't worry, KwikPik has your back. How about clicking the favorites link in the middle of the bottom nav bar where you can create and view subscriptions to Instagram based on users, hashtags, or locations. Now anytime new media is posted based on these parameters that Site you set up so quickly after installing KwikPik will instantly update to show the new photo or video. Now your customers can check in on all that's going on around your business without you lifting a finger; my friend, you just effectively outsourced marketing to your customers-talk about a win-win!

Oh yea, might want to check out your chatter feed on the favorites page as well-looks like Susie just became your largest customer this week; good thing you reached out to her after seeing that comment!

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