We often prefer to do our shopping online to save time and the hassle to go in stores, but the delivery process can come with high costs, long waits, damaged or lost items. We then decided to create a platform that provides reliable one day delivery service at a low cost.

What it does

You can sign up either as an user to use our delivery service, or as a driver to join our team. As a user, you can place a request with a list of items to be bought from a store of your choice, and Kwik will match you with a driver shopping nearby your store. The driver will then personally go in store and buy the items according to your request, then deliver it to your door at his/her earliest convenience.

How we built it

By programming.

Challenges we ran into

Using different frameworks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it to Polytechnique in a snow storm on a Sunday morning.

What we learned

Google translate can help us find a cool startup name.

What's next for Kwik

Get acquired by Uber.

Built With

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