As COVID-19 worsens the Opioid epidemic in Canada, one of the key problems is that there still aren’t ways to get reliable real-time data on opioid overdoses.

Existing tools only report monthly, quarterly or yearly, and the data that is collected in real-time is stuck in physical formats that are inaccessible to decision makers.

What it does

Our system is an end-to-end overdose recording system, where Paramedics responding to overdose scenarios record critical data which is aggregated and queried by healthcare providers from physicians to community health organizations to better shape their opioid response plan.

How We built it

We used Flutter for a platform-agnostic mobile app, Firebase to host a REST-like API (leveraging Cloud Functions and Firestore), with Google maps and vision apis.

Challenges we encountered

Learning new technologies! We got to spend some late nights working out bugs, but figured most of them out by this morning :-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tying together a lot of new technologies, and coming together as a team to put out a fairly robust solution addressing a tangible problem space.

What we learned

Ask 'so what' and don't spend toooo long on the api ;)

What's next for kwann

Our team is pursuing a final-year design project at the university of Waterloo focused on the opioid crisis - we hope to use the learnings from this Hackathon to pursue this work!

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