It was a cold bus rise to London, Ontario. Six hours stranded in a cage of steel as Canadian Winter slowly nibbled on our toes. It was in this desolate journey when our friendships, trust and even humanity was strained to its limits. As hours of anger bubbled forth from our shivering bodies, we turned on one another with words as our weapons.
Of course, being software students our witty remarks quickly became nothing more than senseless quacks and anxious Google searches. Certainly there must be a better way, we thought, for poor students deprived of a sharp tongue to keep up this witty banter. It was then our frozen minds were warmed by the spark of innovation.
Imagine if you could hold millions of ingenious quips and savvy remarks in the palm of your hand.This was the conception of Kwak and over the next 30 (give or take) hours we made this dream a reality.
We are proud to have created not merely a database of strings, but an algorithm that sorts hundreds of unique locations, monikers and adjectives to create over one million different possible derogatory phrases. All of these algorithms can be accessed through an appealing and intuitive interface.
Since a battle of wit is something everyone experiences, we tailored Kwak towards as many people as possible by included various topics of insults, from clever fantasy puns to exciting scifi humour, from simple 'yo mama' jokes to sophisticated Shakespearean quips.

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