Project Description

K-Universe is a decentralized universe that includes socializing, gaming, and creational functions based on IC Network with NFT, 3D engine, VR, and privatized traffic concepts. We aim to provide a Web3.0-level social interaction experience for players. The digital gallery is a method to display digital assets acquired by players and highlight personalities with trading functions. Players can present visual information on their channels to reveal the cyber lifestyle in Web3.0, empowering their virtual identities.

While focusing on aesthetic orientation, KVERSO also pursuits social and interactive experiences. In our vision, member encounters should not be limited to Discord or Twitter groups. K-universe social interaction is a comprehensive multi-dimensional, sensational experience. Players can experience graphic creations, asset trade, casual games, and other social functions to involve themselves in Cyberspace development.

What it does

Project Kverso includes two key segments: Avatars and the K-Universe community. KABI includes NFT portraits, customizable 3D Avatars, a personal gallery, and personal channels, where users can experience the next-generation social and multiplayer functions of 3D K-Universe with KENNER Avatars. The galley is used to retain and display digital assets acquired by users with transaction functions; Users can publish visual information on their channels to present the cyber lifestyle in the Web3.0 era, define themselves, and empower their virtual identity. The first group of KABI holders will receive a Creator's Package, including 4 pieces of digital NFT apparel assets with the community title "BLAZERS," and they will continue to receive future benefits as the project develops.

KVERSO Product Application Layer

How we built it

Modeling Stage: KVERSO designers utilize 3D MAX and Blender to model and rig the characters from the original artwork, creating HPM (High Polygon Models) at about 30,000 in polygon count. Unity program allows model implementation in the virtual world, and users can operate with a keyboard and mouse on the Web & PC. Mobile users can also efficiently operate with virtual control sticks.

Dfinity Application on Blockchain: We developed 10,000 pieces of KABI NFTs based on Dfinity. Based on 3D high-surface modeling and light tracking technology, KVERSO creates portraits with unique aesthetic styles, offering a differentiated option for art connoisseurs and investors who believe in decentralization. It highlights the collective identity of NFT community members and the uniqueness of the owners. It's an excellent way to connect with people in the cyber community.

We want KABI to embody the latest aesthetic orientation of the cyber generation. The designers from Team KVERSO spent half a year researching the values in world fashion industries, combining hundreds of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and character models into more than 400,000 characters based on fashion trends. We picked 10,000 pieces of exclusive portraits for selection. Every piece of image is a proud artwork by our passionate designers.

Team KVERSO wishes for a peaceful world without discrimination on differences. KABI is a ticket to a universe unfettered by gender, religion, ethnicity, or lifestyle.

We have a fair distribution of 10,000 PFP characters based on world ethnicity percentages, and we've also designed 2% of the characters with diversified characteristics across the world.

Soon, KABI holders will be able to own their 3D Avatars. We will also transform Avatar clothing into 3D NFTs, upload them into the Dfinity public chain, and experience our Avatar dress-up system. After selecting outwears, users can start enjoying their life in the Metaverse, including the virtual world, Gallery, VR/AR games, etc.

Ecology Construction: In the future, we will allow users to design wears by themselves and implement the user UGC system. K-Universe citizens can open up fashion stores, create encrypted artworks, and upload them to their galleries, inviting others to buy and sell in the Metaverse.

Challenges we ran into

We are a group of young people mainly from the year 1995 to 2000. We have been developing with funds from our team for 7 months and marketing for only more than 1 month. We did encounter some difficulties in funding and the initial cooperation within the team. Since it is a relatively difficult task to develop the Metaverse, the progress at the development level has to be done step-by-step.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our first 1,000 pcs KABI NFT Collection is currently No.1 in CCC transaction volume history. We've also developed an online NFT Gallery with Gate, Dfinity & DODO, the gallery includes purchasing, multiplayer, and communication functions, which will launch in a very short time, and we have also implemented ICP as a transaction method. There is a Metaverse demo on our official website, we are developing the Mobile APP as well.

KVERSO Product Framework

What's next for KVERSO

In our concept, model uploading and custom dress-up functions will lead to the final form of UGC, and players will significantly enrich their digital assets. In the future, Kenners can freely trade and obtain returns after uploading digital assets. By adjusting market mechanisms, consumers can also purchase clothing at reasonable prices. Everyone has the right to create and the freedom to choose. The equality of rights in input and output is the most significant progress of Web3.0 compared to the Web2.0 era. Team KVERSO has designed various events such as community blind-box, creation contest, auction house, player's commission, etc.

The significance of custom model uploads extends beyond the scope of gameplay. The Gamefi Metaverses are excellent, but it's still a Web2.0-style product where developers tell players how to play. Team KVERSO believes that the real Metaverse is an everyday scene for citizens, and life should not be just about gameplay and statistics. So we hand over the decision to players and let everyone participate deeply in our Metaverse construction.

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