Happiness, is becoming friends with people on the other side of the globe. Happiness, is learning a new culture right on your phone. Happiness, is discovering the world through fun challenges.

Happiness, is Kushi.

“Khushi” is a Hindi word which simply means “Happiness” in English. “Kushi” is an app that spreads happiness through actively connecting people’s lives and building friendships across the globe.

By “Sending” or “Receiving” challenges in Kushi, users are able to directly connect and interact with people around the world. There are 2 different types of exciting challenges: “Picture Challenge” and “Video Challenge”. Through pictures and videos, users will be immersed in different cultures and countries. For example, a user from Japan can show a Mexican what a ‘bento’ looks like, or a Chinese can listen to a Peruvian “happy birthday song” sung by a Peruvian. Each challenge is its own unique voyage.

We believe that happiness is something greater than the defined perception, which is mostly individual. We believe that happiness is a collective experience cultivated by people coming from different countries, cultures, religions, and backgrounds, understanding and loving one another. We believe that happiness is a shared experience.

Kushi is an app that is aimed for everyone. Yes, EVERYONE. Including you. We truly believe that anyone can make an impact in the “Kushi” experience, and on the other hand, Kushi can change people’s lives.

So, are you ready to take on the challenges and explore the whole new world with Kushi?

Important Instructions: App sent via TestFlight to casti.cimpian@artofliving.org.

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