I am currently cycling around the world. When I cycle I think a lot about ways to motivate others to do something adventurous/crazy too and that is kind of how this idea was born…

What it does

Game Play

Users customise NFTs, print out QR Codes to stick in their neighbourhoods -> these are the treasures

The QR codes act as passwords that when scanned with the telegram bot, mint the treasure’s NFT into the finders wallet -> these are the rewards

I built a telegram bot with which you can easily create and collect NFT treasures: I also built a website where the treasures around the world can be viewed:

How we built it

For the bot I used typescript. Any NFT related data (including the image files) are stored using the IPFS protocol and pinned with pinata (I don't have my own gateway yet so sometimes image loading can take some time).

Challenges we ran into

I wanted the UI to be as intuitive as possible so I ran through a few iterations here.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working telegram bot and website. To date 23 treasures were already collected by 10 different owners :).

What we learned

I learnt a lot about RMRK of course and polkadot api as well as deployment of projects.

What's next for KusamaGo

For now the game uses RMRK1 but once RMRK2 is rolled out to singular that version will also be used. I also have some new features in the pipeline for RMRK2 such as:

NFT based leaderboard: Each user starts with an empty treasure chest NFT. When they collect treasures from trusted creators, their box will fill with items (child NFTs).

In the longer term building a dedicated app using AR will be important to ensure mass adoption!

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