I wanted to understand more about Kusama network by building a wallet/transaction explorer. I want to add more features to this project like - support for multiple accounts, multiple tokens, search for transactions using ID etc.

What it does

The Kusama wallet chrome extension allows to create new KSM accounts and then protect them using passwords. It also allows sending/receiving KSMs and performing transactions. QR code is generated and displayed for receive transactions.

The chrome extension right now has basic wallet functionalities and I would like to add more features soon.

How I built it

  • I built the chrome extension using node/react.
  • Build instructions are shared in the repository.

Challenges I ran into

  • It was initially difficult to understand the various APIs involved in creation of wallets as well as transactions. I also referred to and learned from various other crypto currency wallets to understand what needs to be built.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to create a chrome extension that created new kusama wallets and then allowed receiving/sending KSM.

What I learned

  • I learnt in detail about the polkadot/kusama blockchain and building chrome-extensions.

What's next for Kusama Wallet

  • I want to add the ability to import an existing wallet using seeds
  • Want to add support for multiple tokens
  • Display transactions and build features for a transaction explorer
  • Want to work on the UI of the chrome extension and make it user friendly
  • Ability to add multiple accounts
  • Multiple browser support
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