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What it does

This substrate chain implementation supports posting and crowdfunding bounties. It uses sunshine-keybase for identity and device authentication.

Post bounty user flow:

  1. Open an issue on github with the bounty's requirements
  2. Use the mobile interface to post a new bounty.

Submit entry user flow:

  1. Open a separate issue to track the submission's review.
  2. Use the mobile interface to post a new bounty submission.

Upon transaction inclusion, a bot watching the chain posts in the github issues with success messages containing relevant on-chain data (i.e. amount backing the bounty, amount requested by the submission, etc).

Submission approval and outside contributions are handled in the mobile interface, and the bot emits relevant messages in the Bounty/Submission github issues to report any changes to on-chain state.

What's next for kusama-bounty-chain

Launch as a kusama para{chain, thread}

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