Employers and self-employers can currently apply for short-time work if their reduced workload is in correlation with COVID-19. This process of applying for short-time work is based on a huge paper trail which is digitalized by transcribing by administrative stuff of the government. Envolved parties, namely the employers, the government and the unemployment insurance fund are dependent on multiple different media format and software.

What it does

Our platform digitalizes, thus, simplifies, and accelerates the application process. Employers can digitally file the application according to official governmental and cantonal guidelines without media disruption. The digitalized solution may be used swiss-wide and considers cantonal differences. Furthermore, it allows to make real-time analyses based on filed applications per canton or aggregated for the whole country and visualizes the results.

How we built it

We developed an online platform with Angular based on a JSON-Server and deployed it to a heroku server.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to consider governmental, legal and process-related requirements since we had to treat the process steps inside the administrative offices as a blackbox.

What's next for KurzarbeitGoesDigital

As a next step we must involve all stakeholders into the process of building a Swiss-wide solution such that all needs are captured and can be considered. Since, it will be hard to unify the different processes inside the cantons at once, it will be necessary to develop APIs such that the data can be exported in a suitable way for all parties.

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