Inspired by:

  • I have difficulties in managing daily huge emails (where is the issue I talked with him? most of emails are simple notification or advertisement and unnessesary for me),
  • I found the good posts in facebook and Twitter in this morning, but I cannot remember that...
  • Most of internet life are useful but reduce our time by handling them and many meaningful data fly away from our brain not to stay.
  • I and probably most of internet users want some like concierge or supporters (image in Janpanese is 'Kuroko') for our web activities.

Target user:

  • Email and social network users who handle some accounts daily.
  • People who want their private data in their own chosen cloud database (not forced in application venders)

Key features:

  • facebook time storing in Heroku postgreSQL or Evernote, Dropbox owned by users and searchable by them.
  • Email storing in the same above, that are filtered only meaningful (business conversasiton, others)
  • System can report the summary users activities in above (What time you like the facebook, send back the email, or others) and users can tell when their time was spoiled and productivites went down.
  • System is deployed in Heroku and all features are REST API (API driven service), and users can create thier own UI and mobile apps.
  • Users can use their own database and keep their stored data even if they stop using the application.
  • Application business model is not user private data itself, metadata of them for bigdata anamysis that can be used for many companies marketing. (Apps and Data separated, my image about the web future)
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