Upon an argument over a colour of a shoe we found that this game would be fun

What it does

a colour is given to the player with two options as to which is more correct in identifying the colour given.

How we built it

it is build as a HTML and CSS web application with Javascript back-end. No databases have been used

Challenges we ran into

Creating an algorithm in javascript that picks out preferred colours and option answers as well as the back-end integration with the front-end on the localhost platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having never used javascript and with very limited experience with HTML, we developed a base app from which we can build an immersive experience from.

What we learned

understanding that the knowledge required for full stack development is really useful. Moreover bonding as a team was also very good with clear planning and communication in times of struggle.

What's next for kulr .

We plan to finish this project and launch it as part of our portfolios, we have found that it has been thoroughly fun

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