We thought it would be a nice contribution to help with data collection since data is such a powerful tool. For this reason, we chose the Kullaberg Citizen Science challenge.

What it does

Allows users to create a profile with which you are able to complete missions that encourages them to take less explored tracks/special tracks to review them, make contributions by submitting data and in return you get to level up, collect points and receive rewards with a complementary UI. To be able to participate in the missions, you should match the GPS coordinates.

How we built it

We refactored the base we were given, improved the UI and "gamified" the application. To do this, we used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, many frameworks and inkscape.

Challenges we ran into

Using pre-existing code that was done in a very short period makes it difficult to quickly start working and achieving progress. Since we are contributing to a project that is intended to be released in 2018, we have also opted to go for quality over quantity, producing products that will be used by the visitors of Kullaberg.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In 48 hours, we managed to add an entire new dimension to the application. We believe these additions will be attractive to Kullaberg visitors regardless of demographics or interest because it enhances their experience at the park.

What we learned

There were many frameworks we were unfamiliar with, but now generally feel more comfortable to expand on the unknown since we got a lot of experience with that this hackathon. We also worked on team communication, synthesising the idea together and ensuring understanding to be efficient and have a shared vision. Finally, we learned to have fun! While delivering a valuable product is our goal, getting there was a fun process that included breaks, which was healthy!

What's next for Kullaberg Citizen Science

Since it's an open source project that we put time in, it will be interesting to follow the progress and development of the app, and even make contributions in the future.

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