"Organic products are costly. Customers are being over charged. Farmers are getting ripped-off." -Team Kudoti We, at Kudoti, are a very diverse set of people who have a common vision: a green and clean earth where the people who make our food are compensated fairly. Without farmers, we have no food. Our goal is to make organic products cheaper, help the environment, and make both customers and farmers happy.

Kudoti is not a product - it's a platform. We connect the farmers directly with homeowners by by-passing the middle-man industries. Regular individuals and homeowners will be able to sell compost and make money while farmers get necessary compost for cheaper prices.

How we built it

We built the front-end using HTML & CSS (with Bootstrap), and connected it to the backend using C#. Our IDEs were Komodo and Visual Studio. We plan on using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google APIs in order to complete our product and ship it.

Time constraint was our biggest challenge.

We came up with a complete business plan and strategy and built a working web page in less than 24 hours. We didn't know each other before the teams so we had to over come a lot of differences to finish the project on time.

What we learned

We want to scale down the webpage to mobile application for windows, IOS and Android. In the future, we want to sell organic products at the same cost of regular products in our own physical and online store.

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