I wanted to take the challenge of developing this app myself since this is my first hackathon as a Front-End Developer. Flying solo, has allowed me to learn faster and improve my organizational skills. Having no experience in Android Development, this time, I was able to learn Android Studio.

In addition, I had been taking Korean language courses, but nothing really stuck until I immersed myself in Korean media (ie K-Dramas). I have been hooked on a drama titled "Home for Summer," which uses uncommon vocabulary and phrases.

ChatBot Entry (5G Hackathon):

What it does

The TV App allows you to browse through kDrama episodes and access the kTutor Chatbot, which teaches Korean language while you watch Korean Dramas. The goal is to enhance learning through fun.

How I built it

IBM and Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

Learned Android SDK, Android Development, and TV UI requirements.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was able to get this to work in the Android emulator.

What I learned

Basic Android dev environment, IBM Watson Chatbot, and TV UI requirements.

What's next for kTutor for Android TV

Try refining the chatbot

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