The rise of MOOCs and online learning resources has started a revolution in learning. Over 400 universities are offering courses and last year alone the number doubled to 2,400 courses. With so many options available, it is hard to know what path to reach our learning goals.

Ktree is a website that solves this problem, by storing a graph of human knowledge with user submitted learning resources it can do the following:

  • Keep track of what you know.
    • Store the topics you have mastered and know where you stand
  • Give you the path to what you want to learn
    • Step by step guide from your current understanding to your goal
  • User submitted learning resources
    • Users can add and vote other learning resources (videos, websites, articles...)

We used Khan academy's TopicTree database as well as scraped multiple sources for building the graph and learning resources. The hack is structured in microservices, the data backend is written in go, the learning resources in Flask and the scrappers are python scripts, all running on Linode.

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