Our belief is that traditional trading card producers (like TOPPS / or the creators of Pokemon cards) are seeing disruption from digital collectible cards and digital collectibles. This was largely inspired by CryptoKitties, an already profitable crypto-collectible decentralized app, where users can generate digital collectibles themselves. However, with our app, we're focused on partnerships with major trading card content creators who can now distribute their goods on a new, fast-growing blockchain platform.

What it does

Major content creators and traditional trading card makers can use KryptoCardz to upload their new card sets and designs for users to buy / resell / trade with other users. As with traditional trading cards, some cards are more rare than others (less supply) and therefor can accumulate in value over time. Users can see stats about their individual cards, and all the cards in their "deck" that they are cryptographically proven to own. Users can also search / filter for new cards to buy / trade for.

How we built it

Mainly Solidity / React.js / Node.js / and web3 for connecting to the Ethereum blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

Allowing content creators to bulk upload new card images and ensuring card design uploads were not copyright infringed or indecent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud to create a DApp with full functionality in terms of users being able to upload new card content and set initial price. We were also able to create a nice front end that displayed all the cards up for sale in a Marketplace view. Moreover, we put together code to search through all the cards available by Name, and filter the cards by Price / Name / Creation Date.

What's next for KryptoCardz

Speak to major content creators and traditional trading card makers and see if they are up for offering their content on our platform as a pilot. They will not have to create any platform in-house to start taking advantage of this very hot crypto-collectible space.

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