KRYPTIA is a multiplayer competitive educational game for Android or IOS in which participants challenge each other to prove who is the one able to decipher hidden words quicker. The game allows the player to compete in Challenging Duels (1 vs 1) or participate in Grand Challenges (All vs All). This last one has an “Educational Challenge”, which allows a teacher to take control of a Grand Challenge mode, making children from the same class or school compete with each other under their teacher’s supervision. This works as a tool that empowers teachers that want to introduce cybersecurity and cyphration to children in a fun and proactive way.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to get the higher\st amount of points. When in a game, KRYPTIA will show the same 10 different questions to the users that are competing. Depending on the time needed to correctly answer each question, the times that you answered them wrong, and the position respect other users to answer each question, users will get more points. After everybody has answered all questions, points are displayed and winner (a podium of 3) is declared.


You are a interstellar traveller in a world where something called Earth is the last turistic call. But there is a problem: as people from all over the galaxy gather there, nobody understands anybody. So, in order to understand what they are saying from this extremely interesting place called “Earth”, you need to decipher what they are saying! Gather some friends to join you in this planet, and try to find out who is the quicker decypher.

Learning Objectives

User Centered Objectives

  1. Motivate children to independently learn basic encrypting skills
  2. Teach children about US cybersecurity current situation and challenges.
  3. Help teachers to teach basic mathematical conversions (alphabet, decimal, binary, hexadecimal) in a participative and enjoyable way.
  4. Provide tools to teachers that want to rise cybersecurity awareness to their pupils.

Skills Learned by Users

  1. Ability to make critical observations.
  2. Extract important information and patterns.
  3. Understand the basic cyphration techniques
  4. Capability to solve abstract problems.

Challenges Structures

The users, during the game, will have to solve 10 “challenges”. Each challenge is a question that has to be answered. These questions fall in three different categories.

  1. Category 1: determined before starting the match, sets the topic of the questions. -- Examples: Food facts; Countries facts; Cybersecurity facts.

  2. Category 2: determines if what has been coded is a sentence or a number. The solution to the sentence type will be a word. The solution to number types will be a number. -- Examples Sentences: Uif dpmps pg uif topx? (The color of the snow?) Answer: White. -- Examples Numbers: In 2040 (1939) started WWII. Answer: 1939.

  3. Category 3:determines how the question is coded.

Game Flow

You load into the game with your username and your password. When loaded, you can change your avatar. In the main menu you can see: Start a new Game Enter a started game Continue playing a game you had already started See the progress in a game you have finished playing, but need to wait for other players See your stats.

When you start a new game, you can set three different game modes:

  1. Duel Challenge: In this game mode you play a quick match of a random topic against a friend.
  2. Kryptia Storm: In this game mode there is one person that designs one challenge and the other people join the room (up to 10 people). Then, asynchronously, people complete the 10 questions on the topic. The one with more points win.
  3. Grand Challenge: (class mode) in this last game mode, the teacher can control all aspects of the challenge Controlling the 3 categories of each question, and even making its own ones! The point is that on that class they would have been taught how to solve it and the reward could be either a class ranking or the ones who finish can go to the playground so the faster you solve the challenge the more play time you get.


  • 500 points - 1 point per second left
  • 100 points if you are first
  • 80 points if you are second
  • 60 points if you are third
  • -20 points if you are wrong
  • Maxim total points: 6000

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