In a time where getting out of the house seems like war and interacting with people seems scary, going out just to check the menu of your favourite restaurant seems ridiculous. The problems faced during the pandemic inspired us to build an application that helps both small businesses and customers to satisfy their everyday cravings. Our love for food (especially fried chicken ;) ) ultimately led us to build an app that provides a one-stop solution for making this entire process safe and efficient.

What it does

Our app provides an interface for the customers, workers and managers at Kruger Cuisine and elevates their experience by providing different features for each of them. The customer interface includes features such as reservation and cancellation through the app, checking food and beverages menu of the restaurant, contacting the restaurant through chat or call, view restaurant working hours etc. This allows the customers and the manager to keep a track of reservation time and makes sure no reservation gets missed out due to human error. It also allows customers to easily book and cancel reservations without having to wait for long durations. The app also provides a platform for customers to check the menu and order online instead of physically going to the restaurant to check or order food. For dine-in customers, they can scan the QR code available at the restaurant to download the app/ view the menu to avoid any unnecessary contact. They can also choose to place the order themselves through the app. The worker’s interface includes different aspects such as the menu display, taking and placing orders, checking the work slots with notifications in order to avoid confusion, requesting for leave, etc. in order to make the working experience more convenient for them. This also allows the Manager to keep a track on the sales and growth of the business, as well as the performance of the workers. It is an all in one app that aims to provide a better user experience and overcome the inconvenience caused due to the pandemic.

How we built it

The process began with ideation for the question given and listing of the features that we included in the app. We then created the UX design for our project using Figma. Following this, we used Java AWT as well as android studio for building the GUI.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge was to learn different software like Android Studio, Figma, etc. within a short time frame. Another challenge faced during the process was to incorporate different features and to create different interfaces for the manager, customer and workers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to have achieved an output despite this hackathon being one of our firsts and hope to further develop our skills in the field. We were able to work together as a team through virtual collaboration despite the current circumstances and were able to come up with different solutions for the problems faced in the restaurant industry especially for the small businesses which were going on a loss due to the pandemic.

What we learned

The hackathon helped us to explore different domains such as application development and UX design. We were able to challenge ourselves and push our limits to try new software and express our ideas. We were able to learn from our technical mistakes. We are extremely delighted to have been given this opportunity.

What's next for Project CZ?

We aim to work further on our application in order to unify the different categories and add more features. We plan to elevate the project by incorporating AWS as the database management system. We would also like to incorporate the Google calendar API to make it convenient for the customers to track their reservations and for workers to check their shifts and working days. The ultimate goal is to come up with a platform that can be used by small businesses just like Kruger Cuisine and help them expand their business and reach out to different customers.

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