Teachers not helping us manage our time/assignments

What it does

Kronos is a time manager built to effectively reduce stress in students and make their schedules more efficient. It allows students to add assignments, view their assignments, and work on their assignments logically while having the user take breaks in between intervals.

How we built it

Using Microsoft's Visual Studio Windows Forms App, we designed the forms using drag and drop toolboxes. For the code, we used c# to make every button, data object, and display box have a function.

Challenges we ran into

Configuring the Break interval and duration for the Time Manager was the most challenging obstacle we faced.

Accomplishments that were proud of

We were able to complete and surpass our initial plan by including supplementary music and adding the breaks.

What we learned

We learned that despite being far from each other, our team was able to create a useful product.

What's next for Kronos

A fully integrated mobile IOS app will be the next iteration for Kronos.

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