As a transgender woman I found the process of gender and name change to a journey of frustration. So many transgender people already feel alone, hopeless and left out of the normal social community. It is so hard to then be faced with constant roadblocks and confusion in trying to claim your true identity. I wanted something that would make it as easy as possible. Something that would welcome my brothers and sisters into their life of joy with open arms. I can't imagine anything being more economically empowering than claiming your own identity.

How I built it

I used Ruby on Rails as the web framework. PNG files are edited using ImageMagick and then packed up into PDFs and delivered via SendGrid.

Source code is up on Github: [link][/link]

Challenges I ran into

It's a lot of detail work and I have ADD to the MAX.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad I could participate and finish something. Feels great!

What I learned

There's a right time for things to come together.

What's next for

Right now it works for California. The system is structured so new states can be easily added without a lot of technical knowledge. The core work involves identifying and locating form elements and deciding what their values should be. We need the energy to build this out and make it a real-flawless experience for every trans-person.

Rigorous testing both legal and automated needs to be done. Full integration and unit tests should be added for all test systems. The code needs a full security audit as well as some devops considerations for future hosting.

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