An Online Agricultural Marketplace

What it does

This marketplace will make it easier for farmers to get the fair price for their agricultural products, while also supporting the local agriculture community. Additionally, it will provide farmers and producers with a new way to connect with consumers and sell their products, without having to rely on traditional channels.

How we built it

We've used different technologies like: Bootstrap and js for frontend and php laravel for backend. we've used source code available in stack-over flow and other open source code.

Challenges we ran into

We've faced a few challenges like: conflict in interest between team members, also we've tried some new coding styles which we haven't used before to enhance our skill and system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've provided the fair price to the products that farmers produce also we've been providing proper market for the products. We've tried to solve the problem of farmers who are not getting fertilizers for their field.

What we learned

We've learned about team co-ordination, time management and research methodologies about the topics in which we had less idea.

What's next for Krishi Bazar

In today's date, Krishi Bazar is a B2B model. But in upcoming days we will go for B2B and B2C model as well by taking the offline transaction to online and making this site accessible for vendors who sell agricultural products. The vendors will be able to buy products from farmers directly through the online platform.

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