Imagine you are a student who did not pay attention in class due to a lack of motivation resulting from a class with no interactivity. Your final exam is tomorrow and that is when you realize you didn't learn anything in class.

This situation sounds very bad right? This actually happens quite often with students attending online school.

As students, we believe that online schooling has impacted us all and has a high likelihood of being prominent in our future.

We’ve noticed a gap in online school. Many students lack the motivation to learn in online classes due to its lack of interactivity and student engagement. This lack of motivation can soon turn into a powerful source of distraction as students begin to wander off to separate websites/applications. This prominent problem negatively affects students’ academic understanding and performance which will ultimately undermine their future. It is hence crucial to fix this gap in online learning.

We have created Krio as a tool to assist teachers in making sure students pay attention in class and make their learning experiences more fun, interactive and engaging.

What it does

Teachers are able to create and edit questions ahead of time that go hand in hand with their teaching material for their class multiple choices short answers Teachers can login and are provided with a dashboard where they can organize their questions according to the date of the class On the main page, students can join their teachers’ classes with a class code Teachers can send out specific questions during their lessons whenever they feel appropriate Students will have to answer those questions and their results will be sent back to the teacher for feedback. It is Web-based


The sychronitivity this application offers merges perfectly with the materials the teacher is teaching. The application’s ability to send out selected questions at selected times to test small bits of material that was just taught helps the students with information retention. Not only does this make the class more engaging and interactive, it also forces the students to pay more attention in class because they never know when questions will be coming at them. Based on their performances in these questions, students and teachers gain a better picture of the students’ understanding in the materials.

How we built it

We built the website using HTML and CSS. We made the database for teachers’ answers and students’ results using firebase and back end using Javascript. We connected the front end and back end together using javascript.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult obstacle we faced was connecting the front end and the back end together. Another obstacle that we faced would be to create the overall logic of our database code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our concept as we believe it will contribute significantly to creating a more effective and fun online learning environment.

What we learned

Through this period of 24 hours, we have learned more about firebase and creating a backend logic with Javascript. In addition, we also learned how to combine our backend with frontend to create a dynamic webpage.

What's next for Krio

In the future, we aim to work alongside video communication services used for online classes such as Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams and integrate it as an extension for more interactive and adaptive learning. Furthermore, we wish to complexify the results pages for the teachers and students to show in which areas students underperform in order for a more targeted teaching experience.

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