We were thinking how kids like it when they are told that they guessed something right. So we thought why not given them a skill that tells them that they are right all the time!

What it does

The skill lets the kid interact with an exuberant character, Willie Hugh, who tries to stump the kid by asking him or her to guess the color he is thinking of. But somehow, the kid is always right! The kid always guesses the color that Willy is thinking of.

How we built it

First we bounced the idea around and asked kids to play the game with us and we pretended to ask them to guess and told them that they were always right. They loved it!

Challenges we ran into

We had to think hard about how to make are that the character projected the correct mood. Otherwise, the skill was straightforward to implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made the kids who tried it laugh. That was a great reward.

What we learned

We learned that voice is powerful. We also learned that even a skill that is simple, requires research and design.

What's next for Krazy Kolors Skill

Next we are going to do Krazy Numbers (as in, "Guess what number I'm thinking of"), Krazy Animals, Krazy Food, etc.

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