We've often encountered applications that can prepare itineraries by combining flights and hotels, but given how quickly these prices change, it's very difficult for groups to book together or plan trips without being able to see and book the same flight in the same screen.

What it does

Krannert is a collaborative trip planning application that allows a user to create a plan and share it with their friends and family. Other users can then join the same "document", view the same flight options, and vote on what they're looking for in the trip. Krannert aggregates this input from multiple users and recommends the best possible destination for vacation, and builds itineraries around that.

How we built it

Krannert is powered by Node and Express in the backend, Angular for the frontend, and to manage inter-application communication across multiple sessions enabling collaboration.

Open Source / What's Next

We've listed Krannert with an MIT License, with the eventual goal of splitting the application into multiple reusable components that make collaboration easier. There are interesting opportunities with real-time web socket work, frontend applications and travel APIs, and we hope Krannert can branch out into multiple different open-source projects

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