KRAMER - Kanaria RArity MEteR


Many rarity services are represented on the Internet. We bring the best of our experience, knowledge, and intuition to design interpretable rarity meter.

What it does

KRAMER is a rarity meter for the Kanaria collection. KRAMER takes birds' individual traits, their sets, and edition and fits their combination to trade data. We've written an article on Medium about the score computation and its intuition.

With the KRAMER you can

How we built it

The source code is available in our repository. Follow the instructions from the Readme to build the project locally.

Under the hood

The data mining and machine learning parts are performed in IPython and notebooks are in Namely,

  • ReadDataset: reads the Kanaria dataset and saves it as a bird-trait table
  • ReadTradeDataset: reads the trade data of the Kanaria dataset and saves it as an event list
  • ComputeIndex: computes scores based on traits, sets, and edition
  • FitWeights: fits the best combination of traits, sets, and edition scores to trade data
  • GetJPEGCollections: downloads all the birds' images.

The web app part is performed on Python (Flask, iPython) and Nodejs. Please, follow the instructions from Readme to build it.

Built With

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