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Inspiration 1 is a pre existing marketplace on TRON blockchain… We are looking to migrate to a developer friendly blockchain like Harmony and act as a key player in the ecosystem.

With us we will bring a lot of skilled artists and free weekly NFT giveaways to attract more users into our platform and your chain.

With our experienced team we are not only introducing our NFT marketplace but also a lot of skilled devs into this ecosystem.

What it does 1 is a P2P decentralized NFT marketplace protocol that runs on TRON blockchain which allows users to do the following

  1. Mint and own TRC721 NFT on TRON blockchain against uploaded media files such as video, music, animation, images (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .mp3, .mp4)

  2. Create a ‘crypto punks type’ blind auction collection where the buyer not only mints the NFT upon purchase but your collection uses 1 's fair-distribution algorithm to randomize the ‘who gets what’ NFT process

  3. Users can deploy their own NFT contracts and mint NFTs on them , They can use 1 's free contract deployer

  4. Trade NFTs that are minted on 1 marketplace using various type of auctions (Buying or Selling)

  5. Trade secondary NFTs that uses different TRC721 smart contract or NFTs that are NOT minted on 1 NFT marketplace ( Also supports creator royalty )

How we built it 1 is created and run by parent . Solidity Gods is a team of induvial people with love for Solidity and basic blockchain tech. The team aims to bring forward multiple awesome product and services revolving around blockchain in general and use their skills and experience to solve 1 small problem at a time and introduce solutions.

The marketplace was built on TRON blockchain to provide a solution for users not used to paying high gas fees on Ethereum

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of 1 was launched in August 2021 and we are really glad to say this but with generous support from APENFT and the TRON community we’ve already completed all of our major milestones in only 6 MONTHS that’s a record :star_struck:

Nevertheless here goes a short summary of our journey and we are still working on

August 22, 2021 : Launch of 1 (NFT Mint Only)

August 26, 2021 : Launch of first NFT trading smart contract

September 2,2021 : Launch of Kraftly NEO and Kraftly’s fair-mint smart contract for conducting blind auctions for generative artworks etc and we launched first ever 100% original community crated artwork project aka CRYPTO CLOUD S

September 8, 2021 : Launch of Kraftly’s native token $KTY

September 10,2021 : Launch of NFT bid war and anti-snipe tech smart contract

September 24, 2021 : Mint NFTs with your favorite TRC20 coins → New Smart Contract

September 30th,2021 : Major GUI update allowing users to like NFTs and Follow their favorite creators on 1

October 16th,2021 : Generous investment from APENFT and TRON DAO and establishment of long-term partnership

October 21, 2021 : Launch of blind auction public (A FEATURE THAT BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE ) along with new smart contract

November 28, 2021 : Launch of secondary NFT marketplace that supports NFT that are NOT minted on 1 and added APENFT Token as a trade currency on 1 marketplace

December 17, 2021 : Lunched NFT Burn , Transfer , Referral , KTY Burn panel , Airdrop Panel , NFT Trader Rewards Panel , NFT Creator rewards panel

January 10th , 2022 : Added batch upload for NFTs

January 25th : Support added for BTFS and IPFS

What we learned

What's next for

Joining more chains and going multichain

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