We have gotten inspired from an experience that Bret had when he was working at a grocery store previously, where the inventory was very disorganized and thus he thought at first for an idea of creating an app that stocks all the food from the store and organizes it. We had then altered that idea that he had given up on before and made it where the concept of taking inventory would be the same, however the goal was to make it so that the a user would input whatever food they had on them during the time and return to them recipes with the ingredients that they need to use from those they currently have and what they are missing.

What it does

How I built it

We built our project by dividing two major parts, front end and back end. The front end dealt with Vue.js. For the backend, we used Node.js, express, T-SQL, Postgresql, and Ngrok for port forwarding.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There were many challenges as many of us were doing this for the first time. General issues as port forwarding wasn’t working properly and thus we had to convene with a Mentor to help us and was told to use a program known as ngrok. We had to stay up for the entire time due to our inexperience to learn the new material and thus felt groggy/drowsy. We had to basically learn too much information from the ground up, how to make an app, how to take information in parameters in javascript and connect certain information to the API server to obtain the main information of recipes into the APP. TLDR, there were just the issues of our inexperience when it comes to hackathons that we had to spend triple the amount of time then those of experienced people and we did not sleep in order make sure that we could get all the info we can in the short time of the hackathon.

What I learned

Every single technology used for this app was a brand new experience. None of us knew how to use a majority of the technologies for this hackathon project. For example, Vue.js was a major thing as none of us really had any experience when it came to frontend work and we had to go into overdrive to understand how to code in the frontend. Other things such as express and axiom were also brand new concepts for us as we didnt know how to make that work/had no grasp of the concept behind those API techniques. Upon the project's completion, we were able to get a grasp of all the technologies and can reference back on this project/app code to improve upon ourselves.

What's next for Krab

We are attempting ways to integrate new technologies that would allow the user to take a photograph of the item that they have in their current possession at that time. That way we can allow the user to have the choice of both photos and inputting the product's name manually.

Group Videos are located in this drive folder

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