KP Schools

Assisting KP Govt in improving govt school standards

A GIS-based web application for all govt schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Currently, this application shows all the schools on an interactive map. The map shows administrative boundaries of all districts in KP.

Features include:

  • District boundaries and information
  • School information like name, school code, school level, functioning status, village, post office, union council, tehsil, district, no. of students, no. of staff (teaching + non-teaching), covered area, and school facilities like water, electricity etc.
  • Schools shown by various color and size markers depending on the school type and level.
    • Cyan color markers show Boys schools
    • Dark orchid color markers show girls schools
    • Small size markers show primary schools
    • Medium size markers show Middle schools
    • Large size markers show High and Higher Secondary schools

This application allows viewers filtering schools based on the following criteria:

  • District: View schools by one or more selected districts
  • Level: Primary, Middle, High, Higher Secondary
  • Gender: Boys, Girls
  • Status: Functional, Temporary closed
  • Location: Urban, Rural


Demo link


[todo include db migrations]

git clone
cd kpschools
npm install
npm start

Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser

Browser support

The project is tested in Chrome and Firefox. It Should Work™ in the current stable releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as IE9 and up.


  • Calculate and display ranking score for every school A ranking score will be calculated for each school based on the students to teachers ratio, students to classrooms ratio, area covered, facilities. This score is represented through thematic markers where green shows high ranked schools and red shows lower ranked schools.
  • This system should count parents view
  • Add map legend
  • Port to backbone.js
  • Test coverage
  • Documentation
  • Urdu language support



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