KPMG With You is an application we are developing during the #EUvsVirus Hackathon to help employees communicate with their employers without having to go to the office. The main purpose of this application is to allow employees to quickly and easily manage all kind of requests (sick leave, holidays...) as well as to stay up to date of the latest relevant content (corporate and international)

The KPMG team is very geeky, you will love this app!

How it began

Working remotely

Working remotely has been a struggle for many companies during the crisis, as they were not prepared for this sudden change, do not know how to communicate with their employees and, in general, do not have the right tools. That is why we planned to create a work management application as most people have a mobile phone with Internet access, so it is an easy way to help both employers and employees in the management of communication

The purpose of the application

Crisis Communication app for companies

The KPMG team has developed an application that will facilitate communication between employees and employers, providing simple processes on how to manage internal procedures such as, sick leave, teleworking requests, holidays and son on as well as to share what your status is within your company.

This tool has been developed using Microsoft Power Apps technology, which allows us to add a lot of functionalities in a simple way, such as the use of the AI builder to scan documents and forms automatically through an artificial intelligence training model.

What we learned

All situations have their positive side

We are learning to work as a team, to delegate tasks, to get to know each other better, to learn more about Microsoft technology such as Power Apps and the virtual agent, plus we are building relationships with other international teams. Other important learning: Once we have the idea, we don't need to have it complete to show and convince. Deciding which functionalities are the most important and designing the roadmap to achieve a MVP is certainly an exercise that helps to sort out ideas and move forward in the work.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Helps companies to communicate in a quicker and more efficient way with their employees

Communication with employees is always necessary, especially in times of crisis. But sometimes it is not easy to reach everyone quickly and efficiently. A communication channel is needed to ensure that the information is accessible to all. For this reason, we have thought that the mobile phone is one of the best channels to guarantee that the information reaches its recipient, that is why we have created the KPMG With You application that facilitates the necessary communication, bidirectionally and allows the management of certain files, such as the sick leave, online.

App enhancements

Keep improving

Our main goal is to add further content and functionalities and improve the ones we have already on the app.

Some new features we are currently working on:

  • Notifications alerts: allow the company to send Notification alerts to all or part of the employees in order to ensure that all of them are aware of the latest news.
  • Form processing by AI Builder: really helpful in case of Medical Leaves. We plan to continue working on it to enable the app to recognize the fields needed for HR to process the documentation.
  • FAQ Bot: we have developed during the Hackaton a Bot that helps to find the answer to the FAQ, but we still have to work on connecting it to the app.

An application with a future

Improve communication between the employer and the employee

We really believe that this crisis has changed the traditional concept of work towards a remote work model. Therefore, it is necessary that both employers and employees have tools to adapt to the new situation. For this purpose, our application KPMG With You helps helps maintain two-way communication by transmitting instructions and alerts when necessary in a straightforward way, providing assurance to both the employee and the employer. Undoubtedly, this new, more digital form of communication is here to stay. We will defeat the virus, but our lives and our way of interacting will never be the same again. In the case of the challenge that we have faced with our app, we are sure that the change helps to improve and to make the internal processes of the companies more efficient, therefore, why to return to how we did it before?

Built With

  • microsoft
  • powerapps
  • virtualagent
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