Working with SME’s and Startups with great ideas & professional knowledge we observe their major reason of failure lack of business experiences:

  • how to operate legally & efficiently
  • how to build network & sell
  • how to keep the balance of cash
  • how to bank easily
  • how to measure the resolute (KPI’s)

So... Let’s create an APP to reduce business failures and make business management …happy!

We was inspired also by the following benchmarks:

  • Simple and intuitive, as Revolut
  • Gamified, as Duolingo
  • Social and up to date, as LinkedIn

What it does

Address the biggest needs

  • Grow their network to sell & buy easily
    • Easily solve day-to day tasks, in max 3-5 clicks (invoicing, sales, activity planning)
  • Generate a sustainable business by keeping control on expenses and revenue projections

Basic Features

  • Company dashboard & news feed
  • Creating business network
  • Idea management
  • Sales management
  • Task management
  • Invoicing
  • Banking
  • Planning KPI's, target & cash flow

How we built it

KPEYE is under development since 4 months focusing on the following areas:

  • Authentication (Facebook, LinkedIN, Google)
  • User Sign-up / Sign-in flows
  • Company Search, Information retrieve, and validation (Bisnode)
  • Company / User profile
  • Company / People / User network / connections
  • Sales Funnel and lead follow-up
  • Invoicing
  • Messaging / Activities

During the hackathon

We focused on building OPEN API Architecture and Instant Payment workflow using MKB Sandbox and simulating GIRO Request to Pay features (because of fact that the API is not ready).

Challenges we ran into

JWT signing with the private key using the RS256 algorithm (“ezzel szívtunk egész délelőtt”)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully automated / API based data transfer to reach the simplest user experience for complicated business tasks:

  • Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Sign in/Up
  • Bisnode inetgration
  • Open Banking Integration MKB Sandbox - DURING HACKHATLON
  • GIRO Intergation workflow definition
  • Aggreag8 integration workflow definition

Planned:, Adriana Accounting, integrations.

What we learned

  • Sandbox business & tech features
  • OPEN API Banking possibilities
  • GIRO Instant Payment opportunities and business flows

What's next for KPEye

  • Finalize all features to MVP level
  • Find a big retailer (bank, telecommunication, public authority etc.) to partner up in lunching bringing initial user base offering a VAS with KPEYE for their customers assuring marketing budget to extend to user base for both (his business and KPEYE business)
  • Launch agile the different modules of the app (12 -24 month)
  • Search investor for internationalization

Built With

  • j2ee
  • react
  • material-ui
  • wildfly
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