A future with bunches of ignorants, resulting from distractions from mobile devices and misusage of social medias. According to a source on Google, Twelve social media networks are used most in Nigeria. It's made known that 58.93%, 41%, 19.75% and 10.95% Nigerians uses Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn respectively. It's of no doubt that these global connecting sites have a lot of use embedded in them. But, it's something disconcerting that only few uses them for making something better. As soon as a lad gets to Junior Secondary class, he starts pursuing a phone of his, to connect to the world, chat his friends up and others and this has brought about a great backward to the education system of the country. The annual UTME result and the percentage increase in users of Facebook will testify to this. How far can we now keep watching our future been torn apart? How do curb this for the sake of the future? Koyi answers that!


Turning an ore to gold We know it will be so difficult to get the distracting materials from the learners, that's something that can be achieved maybe if added to the Constitution of the country. But why going that far when we can make a gold out of the black thing? Since we're all adapted to using phones and other gadgets for connecting with friends and sharing all forms of what we wish to share, we believe a social network can also be created to make it educative and lively!


It's a web application made with react and firebase designed to be available for all learners that uses an internet accessible gadgets such as Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and others.


It allows all citizens of the country to share academic challenges together and get it solved, get materials needed for their examinations. It will also help teachers get in touch with their students and classes. It provides students with information and opportunities like scholarship, education news..


During the course of building the application, numerous challenges were encountered, unavailability of both internet and electricity and much more.


It may not be so great to boast of yet, but we think we're moving towards achieving something greater. We're really rest assured that we can do better, because we didn't even have a clue of getting this far in the start.


Practice makes Perfection, that's just an absolute truth. We can't count down on the fact that we learnt a lot from the debugging of the errors we faced during the building process of this project. We learnt about team building and cooperation. We learnt than what we've learnt before embarking on the journey of the piece.


We have actually not reached the phase we're going to, we're looking towards making a large academical social network that will not only serve Nigerians but also every country on the globe. We shall get there by God's grace with unsteady efforts we're ready to put into it and the whole support of NaijaHacks and everyone that sees a better world we're creating.

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