We are always looking to solve problems which streamers face. After conducting customer development by interviewing dozens of streamers and viewers. we created interactive robocat. It smiles and can be annoyed by excessive clicking.

What it does

  1. When stream is online, Elon appears in-stream.
  2. For now mostly randomly, Elon makes some moves: smiles, winks, yawns. dances.
  3. Viewers can feed Elon. It grows in level if they do it properly.
  4. Elon follows If viewer’s mouse cursor is on stream, Elon follows it.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

To build Elon the mascot we use a robust architecture that involves three main components — extension, web socket server, and business logic server. The extension communicates with the WebSocket server to achieve instant interaction. Our backend uses a queue to decouple services from each other. We can deploy services independently and do not disturb our clients with business logic redeploys. One of desirable achievement for us was to use the full power of the AWS cloud. Our team previously use AWS solutions mostly in VM style — many EC2 instances that provisioned via something like the Puppet. Now we want to delegate all infrastructure creation to the AWS and write only business logic code. That goal fully achieved when we discover the Fargate and the ECS. The Fargate allow us to avoid the manual EC2 management and do all the magic inside. That allowed us to use simple and clean configs to describe our runtime. Now we can concentrate on business logic and develop all the backend very fast. On the frontend side, we also have a good new experience. We use the Phaser framework to create visual design of the Elon. That framework provides smooth rendering for a very interactive character. With that tool, we can use all our creativity to create nice and attractive Elon. In the future with Phaser, we can easily enhance the Elon with more reactions and grow its interactivity level. Also, Elon appears to be cute and clickable.

What we learned

We learnt that streamers are very much into customization, which brings us new challenges to provide various skins, including custom skins for most popular streamers.

What’s next for KouchTV mascot

  1. New skins
  2. Chat-analyzing tools for better interactions
  3. Custom reactions for game streaming,
  4. Integraction with game developers API.
  5. Other stream-viewers interaction tools.

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