• We want to end centralized API Gateway and node as a service
  • We want to be OpenShift of the Blockchain ecosystem
  • We want to be Gitlab of Blockchain Ops
  • We will do it

What it does

  • Deploy nodes, expose API endpoints, stake across multiple Blockchain protocols with little or no DevOps experience using simple API and UI.

How we built it

  • Developed custom Kubernetes chainlink/node resource
  • Developed custom Kubernetes chainlink/node controller
  • Developed REST API to manage chainlink/node CRUD ops
  • Developed UI to manage chainlink nodes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Deploy nodes as simple as tweeting
  • Deploy multiple protocols on any cloud
  • Solve deployment problem once and for all

What we learned

  • Chainlink is awesome :)

What's next for Kotal

  • Kotal enterprise version
  • Kotal hosted service
  • Supporting more protocols

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