All of us have experience with volunteering. We find it really sad it's not attractive for the young. Local-patriotism is one of the reasons, why we always wanted to help our community. We firmly believe that crypto-token for our region, which rewards people for their active community participation in Košice region, can push our home region forward - into the new century.

What it does

This system lets Košice region create its own token - without any initial investition. Generated token will be given to certain institutions. These institutions can followingly reward (not only) the students with KHT for their activities, like blood donations, voluntary activities, good results in school, tourism, etc. These tokens can be used to lower prices of services provided by Košice region or by local companies and businesses. You can send tokens only to approved organizations. Thanks to that we can be sure, that token will keep flowing in the region. Companies involved in project will be listed as premium companies on the website of KHT and they can possibly get non-financial benefits from the local government, such as attendance on the important government gala-evenings, meetings and parties, what can especially help the small companies to build their name.

Moreover, active students can get various public badges/rewards automatically generated by their blockchain account history.

How we built it

Long story short. We had to get in touch with Decent mentors, who helped us with the user created asset. To be quite honest, it took hours to make that. Then two of us have been working on the code in Node.js with DCore SDK. In the same time we designed UX/UI with Sketch + Zeplin and brought it into HTML+CSS. In the end we connected the code and logic with the design, in order to present a whole complex application for all of the parties.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time in our lifetime, as we developed a blockchain solution. Working with Node.Js was something new for us as well. It wasn't easy at all to learn these new things within these 24 hours, we were struggling a lot. Creating comfortable UX/UI and logic behind the system was also a great challenge for us.

In the end, we have overcome all of the obstacles and thanks to that we have learnd a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to make our first blockchain solution. Not only have we made a functional app, we have also built a complex solution for the regional government to cooperate with students and local businesses.

We are especially enthusiastic about the fact that we could take part in the process of pusing our home region forward.

What we learned

We learned, how to build our own Node.js server. It was also a great opportunity to experience the technology of blockchain. We are positive about the fact that these experience can help us to be more successful on the market and help us to get on the prestigious universities.

What's next for košice hack token

It depends. We hope that Decent and the local government will be interested in development of this project. In such a case, we would be sure about the fact that KHT could be once a token used by many students on non-students from Košice region.

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