The name Koshu comes from the japanese translation of “adherence”. We chose this name because adherence to drug therapy is one of the most significant problems in healthcare today.

Adherence is a 270-billion dollar issue that not only directly impacts patients, but it also involves insurers, government, and manufacturers.

What it does


  • OCR for reading medication labels allowing users to quickly add information about new prescriptions
  • drug information
  • translations
  • scheduled reminders for complex regimens
  • surveys that regularly check up on users' health and well-being

How we built it

Java, Android Platform, Firebase

Challenges we ran into

We had designs for complex UI interactions to make using the app an enjoyable experience, but we ran into many problems using Android UI components, like ScrollViews and ViewPagers. In the end, we spent a lot of time on it and are happy with the result but didn't manage to implement every interaction we'd designed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working in a cross-disciplinary team and getting stuff done! The OCR, translations and notifications were stretch goals and we managed to implement all three.

What we learned

Android development.

What's next for Koshu

  • Create Web application using same Firebase backend to allow pharmacists or doctors to monitor patients' adherence.
  • Improve OCR
  • Incorporating e-commerce features!

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