The leading causes of private sector worker deaths (excluding highway collisions) in the construction industry were falls, followed by struck by object, electrocution, and caught-in/between. These "Fatal Four" were responsible for more than half (59.9%) the construction worker deaths in 2017, BLS reports.

In our MVP we have demonstrated immersive experience to that workers engage in the life scenario of a Saftey induction course that is held before the construction procedure is undertaken

What it does

Explain to inductees the importance of site inductions as all sites are different and have a wide range of hazards which will change as the site develops. Explain that this site induction is specific to this site. Using Sumerian will get inductees to pay attention for the next few minutes of the course.

How we built it

Amazon Sumerian Host, Oculus Rift

Built With

  • ai
  • amplify
  • dynamodb
  • iot
  • lex
  • polly
  • s3
  • sumerian
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