A friend who is a veteran going through similar, but not as bad, situation.

What it does

When called, drives to a location with your shoes and lifts them up so that they can be easily put on.

How I built it

Built it with $160 hardware from micro-center and using Nuance API.

Challenges I ran into

Not having hardware until fairly late (12 hours remaining) in the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though two parts are not yet connected, each part works perfectly on it's own.

What I learned

Dealing with circuits, working with raspberry - Pi, working with natural language processing, and using Nuance speech to text API

What's next for Kortana

Make it perfect. Add AI component to it so that it can do some things automatically (like height to lift shoes up to). Have multiple sources where shoes can be picked up from and make it so that it's ready with the shoes faster by having a passive listener on phone.

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