For humanity, heritage provides countless amounts of information and value. Therefore, the present humanity recognizes the value and importance of the heritage, We are uniting to preserve it. However, due to continuous environmental pollution, war, disaster, etc., heritages are being destroyed. If these things continue, it will be our responsibility if we do not communicate our heritage clearly and accurately to our future descendants. Therefore, we have a sense of purpose that we must clearly record the value and information of the heritage before it is destroyed by environmental pollution, disaster, disaster, etc. and deliver it to our descendants. Using the immutability and irreversibility characteristics of the blockchain technology, NFT, we want to clearly and accurately record and prove the information of the heritage and deliver it to our descendants.

What it does

Our purpose is to safeguard, preserve and pass on our heritage to future generations. For this, Republic of korea, a peninsula country in East Asia and at the same time ranked in the top 10 in the world economy, we intend to record the heritage information and safely preserve the value by converting the natural and cultural heritage of Korea, which has a history of 5,000 years into NFT tokens.

How we built it

In order to achieve the purpose of preservation and protection of the established heritage, we aim to achieve the purpose by utilizing the immutability and irreversibility characteristics of the blockchain NFT technology, and by converting the value and information of the heritage by smart contracting.

Challenges we ran into

  • Legacy information and content chain layering
  • Tokenization of heritage assets
  • Chaining of heritage asset certificates
  • Compensation through the asset mining pool
  • Donation through the heritage asset swap pool

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have demonstrated the transparency of the value of the heritage assets by tokenizing the human heritage. This shows that we have reached a sufficient level to achieve our goals. In addition, we proved that various media contents (images, videos, sounds, etc.) containing information on numerous existing Korean heritages can be actually operated and operated by IPFS chaining. We have shown that this is how information about the world's many heritages is clearly preserved, values are preserved, and can be learned from anywhere in the world.

What we learned

We could learn that the current blockchain technology can’t completely blockchainizes the information possessed by the heritage, so the current state of the technology of the content and the chain is insufficient. In addition, before the work of NFT tokenization of heritage content proceeds, it was found that the heritage DID block should be the basis and the heritage content NFT tokens should be chained. We have found that the current industry link is still weak, and we are convinced that this will be one of the important issues to come in the future.

What's next for Korea Heritage and History NFT

We have set up the next phase of this project as follows:

  • Establishing DIDs for heritages other than Korea.
  • Establish an IPFS chain dedicated to heritage content.
  • Establish a utility pool through the established heritage chain.

We have established three major steps in this way, and if we achieve them, we assure that it will be an important and effective way to convey humanity's proud heritage to our descendants.

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