We hate waiting at the conveyer belts to claim my luggage, most of people feel the same

You just have to enter your drop off location and scan the barcode on your luggage tag.

First we thought that waiting and carrying luggage is a headache when you have a long flight and just to get the make sure that this problem was not limited to only us, we also asked 10 random people from the Hackathon crowd. To our surprise, 8 out of 10 people said that they would love to have an affordable service to have their luggage delivered to their desired address skipping those waiting times. This was the time we figured out that providing this service would definitely be fruitful for both, companies and passengers.

The challenges we faced during development of this idea includes the problem of identifying an efficient communication method between us, passengers and delivering partners. Apart from that, we were pretty convinced from the response of people we asked as a survey that providing this service would definitely attract elderly people, people with disabilities and business class travelers.

Overcoming the challenges, we were finally able to design a precise business models and outline of our service that looks pretty efficient.

As a next step, we would like to finish the app for 'Koolie' and start providing this service to various airlines and airports to initiate this business model.

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