Being a Test Automation Engineer, I saw the need to create Kontrollor BDD when I failed to find a tool that fits modern testing efforts. Kontrollor integrates BDD Automated Tests with JIRA by adding test cases directly in the development tasks. You can create a new test in seconds by using already implemented steps with the help of the autocomplete feature.

What it does

Kontrollor BDD Test Manager integrates your automated testing framework with JIRA. The plugin lets you create BDD scenarios as part of any JIRA ticket, easily configurable based on issue type and project. The tests are easy to read and edit by anyone. Using the Kontrollor BDD Maven plugin, all scenarios can be auto-generated on project build, locally or via Jenkins run as part of target folder.

  • Configure Kontrollor BDD for the projects and issue types you need it. It integrates with the issue page, and does not require the creation of test tickets.
  • You can add manual or automated test cases.
  • Add tests cases on bugs, to cover regressions easily.
  • Double-click on any scenario to switch to Edit mode and press Save once done with changes to update.
  • To see all created tests, check the overview page.

If you are just getting started with automated testing, have a look at The golden rules to build a great Automated Testing framework with Selenium. It might help to get the basic principles and essential features your framework needs.

What's next for Kontrollor BDD Test Manager for JIRA

Still in active development, test execution and resulting logging will be part of the next update. The automated test results will be updated via Jenkins through a public api. Any feedback and feature suggestions will be highly appreciated and considered for future updates.

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