Kontour is instant messaging software that forces asynchronous communications and oriented to teams who wants to communicate efficiently.

Main points:

  • Main unit of discussion is thread, not a channel (like in Slack): force to create a thread per conversation
  • Avoid random messages in channels (every message must be consisted in some concrete thread)
  • Threads must be easy to find and refer to (thread must have a title and may have tags, for developer teams tags may be links to a jira ticket for example)
  • Reduce the amount of (push) notifications (if it is needed)
  • Provide functionality that allows user to enter to some kind of "sleep mode". All messages received by the user in this mode would be placed to some "invisible" inbox implicitly (exception is urgent messages, which should be marked by sender explicitl) . User will receive all the messages after he leaves the sleep mode. This can be useful when you should concentrate on the task and get rid of annoying unimportant notification.

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