Ever came across something on a page that didn't quite make sense? A word you didn't understand? A city about which you knew nothing?

What it does

Highlight some text or word and copy it, this will popup the context bubbles which will give you everything from translations and synonyms to related news, wikipedia articles, and tweets. It smartly displays all the applicable pieces of information in bubbles which the user can then interact with.

How we built it

The backend is built with flask. Preprocessing is used to split the text into keywords using natural language processing. Then the houndify api is used to generate semantic information. The generated keywords are then processed by passing them on to different APIs. The returned information is compiled into a dictionary to provide relevant information.

Challenges we ran into

Opening the bubble right after selecting the text is only possible on a rooted phone. Therefore we had to use a hack to press copy to be able to access the highlighted text. Houndify was not properly working for a while due to a documentation error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting houndify to work ;).

What's next for Kontext

  • More different services.
  • A heuristic to better understand what the user might find useful
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