Tired of Waiting in line for tables at restaurants? Tired of being rejected due to "Not Enough Tables"? Yes? Yes, us too.

With the increase in demand for efficiency in our modern world, we wanted to leverage technology to elevate one's dining experience while at the same time, practice sustainability. We wanted to elevate the dining experience by lessening the time anyone waits for tables in restaurants. We aim to practice sustainability at the core of this as we aim to minimize the space wasted in restaurants due to being able to utilize the floor space with automated tables.

What it does

High Tech system that employs Autonomous Robotic AI driven Tables & Chairs

Konnex Tables is an intergrated Hybrid system of Hardware and Software. Konnex Tables allows the user Via Mobile Interface to control autonomous robotic tables in reality. We will be selling Konnex Tables as hardware products to restaurant owners, which will then be controlled by our software counterpart.

How we built it

To build our product, we used:

  • Quad Core Independant Motors.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.
  • Raspberry Pi Operating System.
  • Normal IP cameras are used to get the depth of the environment. This saves konnex table a lot of investment in stereo cameras and liDar. A depth map is calculated from the monocular images using the monodepth model which uses pyTorch. It is trained on KITTI data. A 3D point cloud is generated using open3D and pyntcloud. This 3D point cloud is segmented and used to generate a cost map. Konnex Table uses this cost map to detect and avoid the obstacle in autonomous navigation.
  • Figma

Resources Used:

Challenges we ran into

As our project dealt with both hardware and software, we faced the challenge of Hardware Pairing with our Software. With our team hacking from all around the world, we also faced an initial challenge of working with varying time zones, from EST to HKT, which made it difficult to find common meeting times. Despite it, we were able to make compromises and still delegate tasks that we could do during our respective times in the weekend. Working with new technology and learning the ropes on how to make the tech behind the Konnex table was also initially a challenge but with teamwork, we were able to implement and complete our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are beyond proud of being able to build a physical table virtually that can massively improve each one’s dining experience. Being able to create this table and integrate software into it, and even create UIs within a weekend with people who we met for the first time is also a great feat.

What we learned

Through this hackathon, we learned a lot about Web Development, building up websites, and also creating hardware. It was also an amazing experience for all of us to learn how to integrate hardware with software.

What's next for Konnex Tables

While we are extremely proud of what we were able to create for Konnex Tables this weekend, we believe that there is always room for growth and improvement. In the near future, we hope to continue prototyping to achieve the best results, and acquire contracts at major restaurant chains, hotels, clubs, etc to formally launch this product in the market.

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posted an update

Just a heads up when clicking the "website" Link for Konnex Tables you may be prompted " Safety" Notice. Please disregard, You are receiving that message because we did not have time to include a HTTPS Safety Certificate when we bought the domain. Rest assured the website is Safe and we won't be stealing any of your Data! :P

Just Click "Proceed anyways" at the bottom to view the Konnex Tables Website Page, Thanks :)

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